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October 1, 2019

7 Essential elements for the best corporate event ever

Hello ladies and gentleman, If you are reading this, most likely you are a business owner, part of the HR department of a company, or just a really sociable person at your company that wants to make sure you and your peers have a good time while making your company look great and put together the most successful corporate party possible. Here are some essentials for your corporate event: Mood, ambience & party Lighting. I […]
August 22, 2019

Top 3 Montreal spots to relax before your wedding day!

Hello ladies and gents! I know, I abandoned you for quite a while… but I am back! We are halfway through the wedding season, and many of you lovely couples either just got married (Congrats!); or are about to tie the knot. If you still haven’t done so, do check my previous post with little tips and advice for the day of the wedding. This time around, I decided to dedicate this post to all […]
May 16, 2019

6 friendly wedding budget secrets to a gorgeous tablescape

Hello everyone! As a professional event planner in Montreal, I am a strong believer that “it is all in the details”. I L-O-V-E details, and when done tastefully, and not excessively, can make a wedding table look marvellous. Of course, a gorgeous floral centerpiece will definitely be splendid; however, not everyone has the budget for a super “wow” arrangement. Keeping this in mind, I have been thinking of how to create impact without, breaking the […]
April 1, 2019

The ultimate guide to hiring the best corporate, social or wedding DJ

Hello ladies and gents, Today, I’d like to talk about entertainment, more specifically your event DJ. It is the industry I am in, and after all, I’ve seen enough parties and weddings in Montreal to know that, without a doubt, entertainment is key to a lively event. Believe me, although it might be a tiny bit difficult for some of you to picture a party without alcohol, I can tell you they do happen (more […]
May 30, 2016

The perfect party for dad

Father’s day Special How to celebrate our dads! Thinking of my dearly beloved father, who recently passed away, all I can say is, celebrate your “daddy” with a bang! Getting married during this festive day? Why not dedicate a special song to him, or simply give him a little something that reaches his heart? Brides and grooms listen up! A nice customized embroidered handkerchief, or a special tie YOU help to put on, will give […]
September 30, 2014

West Island Wedding Exhibition

Hello Ladies and Gents! Here we are, embracing the beautiful fall, and finishing off the wedding season with a brilliant wedding exhibition! That’s right, a wedding exhibition! Different from your typical wedding expo, we are proud to collaborate with the Boutique de Mariage Punta Chiara and the prestigious Forest and Stream Club to produce a new experience for future brides and grooms. This coming Sunday, October 5th 2014, SUBLIME WEDDINGS will be having its first […]
August 12, 2013

The big day has arrived! Wedding day checklist for the modern bride.

Hello ladies and gents! We are all warmed up in the wedding season, and it is execution mode all the way. Many of you have been in the planning process, and the day is soon coming up. So, let’s talk a little about the day of the wedding. Hire a Wedding Day-of Coordinator For all you DIY be-you-tiful brides, please remember at all times, that you will be insanely busy! You, and of course your […]
July 30, 2013

Hidden gem in NDG

The last few weeks I have had the pleasure to work with Nick and his staff at the Crowley Arts Centre. It is the first time that we work at this magnificent venue and I am very glad we have discovered it. It is conveniently located steps away from the new McGill Superhospital and just minutes away from downtown Montreal. I know you are all thinking what a mess it must be with all that […]
July 10, 2013

Welcome to your favorite event and wedding company in Montreal !

Hello ladies and gents! It has been long overdue for us to have a little space to share our thoughts with all of you out there preparing for your event(s) in Montreal or any city you are willing to pay our travelling expenses to.. So, let this be our “formal” invitation to participate in our blog: “YOU are cordially invited to chit-chat, about nic-nacs, themes, colors, trends, cool things and pretty things, serious stuff and […]