6 friendly wedding budget secrets to a gorgeous tablescape

May 16, 2019

Hello everyone!

As a professional event planner in Montreal, I am a strong believer that “it is all in the details”. I L-O-V-E details, and when done tastefully, and not excessively, can make a wedding table look marvellous.

Of course, a gorgeous floral centerpiece will definitely be splendid; however, not everyone has the budget for a super “wow” arrangement. Keeping this in mind, I have been thinking of how to create impact without, breaking the bank.

Here are a few things you can use:

1. Rent Color Napkins

First, fabric napkins give you an “oh-la-la” feeling vs. a paper napkin. They instantly add color to your table, they come in an incredible array of colors, and you can go nuts on how to fold them! Think about it, a wedding in Montreal, if you pick-up and return, it will cost about $0.75 to $1.75 each to rent, and you don’t have to wash. Music to my ears!!

Here is a link to pretty ways of folding your napkins.

Blue polyester napkin with gold charger plate for wedding table decor

2. Silk Ribbon

YES!! Love it, use it, and get creative. SO many types, textures, widths, colors and shimmers to choose from!
Make a bow around your napkin, or tie your utensils with it for a more casual look!
You can also use it to adorn your stationery on the table (if you have any), and it is perfect to add an accent and/or complimentary color to your table.

Creative wedding tablescape decor idea with blush ribbon

3. Organic Table Decor

What is that?! Well, pretty much anything you find in nature.
You could integrate branches, wood logs, leaves, rocks, corals, shells, fruits and vegetables (think mini pumpkins, cauliflower heads, pine cones, etc.). Depending on your theme, you can easily pick up some of these items as far as your backyard.

Fall Montreal wedding in orange and white at Chateau Royal Laval

4. Beautiful Candles

There is nothing like the brilliance and warmth that candlelight gives out. There’s a “je ne said quoi” in candles that make people feel warm and fuzzy.
Try getting the ones that are 6-8hrs, they are a little more expensive; but it avoids you changing candles in the middle of the event, and they are usually better quality (i.e. won’t turn off halfway, and won’t give out black smoke). Thinking scented candles? I would only do it around the room if you want to create a feeling, but not on the tables. You want guests to smell and appreciate the aroma of your delicious food rather than the candle.

Floating, pillar, votive and tealight candles for wedding centerpiece at Nelligan Hotel Montreal

5. Sweet Wedding Chocolates

I have a few friends that are loving me right now.

Place a small chocolate square on each guest’s place. At first, it will be as a “hey, welcome, sit down”. Then, it will be a “yes, eat me, while you wait for the food”; and lastly, it will be a “wasn’t that chocolate great? Imagine what’s coming”.
In reality, it can be any type of treat, use whatever you like most!

Custom chocolates, cupcakes & cookies for Chinese Montreal wedding

6. The Power of a Single Flower

No, it isn’t cheesy. It is a fresh little gift to your guests, and it says “I was thinking of you”. Of course, go with not so pricey flowers, and pick the kind that come in a bunch (i.e. Not roses), and that can resist a few hours without water. Ask your local wedding florist for suggestions, and usually in-season flowers are more economical.
Some of my favourite: Dendroubiums, Orchids (for a classical look), Hydrangea, Hypericum berries (for a clean-cut look) & Calla lilies.

Floral centerpiece in blush and pink for head table

Wedding budget-friendly doesn’t mean it has to be bland. So, choose your theme and/or colors, and go nuts! Don’t forget we can help guide you in all your wedding decor needs.

Be creative, and may the all-mighty be with you and your eventful endeavors!

Yours truly,