7 Essential elements for the best corporate event ever

October 1, 2019

Hello ladies and gentleman,

If you are reading this, most likely you are a business owner, part of the HR department of a company, or just a really sociable person at your company that wants to make sure you and your peers have a good time while making your company look great and put together the most successful corporate party possible.

Here are some essentials for your corporate event:

Mood, ambience & party Lighting.

I cannot stress enough to my clients how important is to have ambience lighting. Not only will it set the mood in the space you are holding the event; but it will also help fill the space with light, which can be set to match your company’s branding colours.
Also, don’t forget the party lighting. Avoid the cheesy dots and old disco balls. make sure your performing corporate DJ accounted for nice tasteful modern party lighting. It doesn’t have to be the most powerful in the world, but well programmed and in sync with the music.

Business networking area.

No matter what type of event you are having, there will always be a time to break and believe me, your peers will appreciate you thinking of them. Whether you create a bar with high tables and chairs for a few drinks (of course, if permitted and/or appropriate); or a lounge area for people to sit and have a coffee, they will all appreciate it.

Appropriate theme decor.

When I say appropriate, I mean the decor that will get you the feel you are looking for. Think also in terms of the activities you are doing.
For example, if you are hosting a networking event where drinks are part of it, you can have items such as plexiglass bars and tables, leather lounges, and of course, good lounge background music. This will give you a more dynamic, modern, and trendy feel to your event, helping people keep moving and talking.
Rather, if you are hosting say, a gala, you probably want to inject some warmth into the room with linens and different textures. This warmth will encourage guests to be more relaxed, and enjoy the night.

Logistics Logistics Logistics.

Always crucial for a successful event. Prepare for coat check (if applies), check-in area, meal choices tags, parking tickets, wifi access if needed, traffic areas, and handicap accessibility. Of course, this is not all, but it’ll get your mind going.

Event schedule and timeline.

Although is it part of logistics, I wanted to emphasize the schedule because it is essential for everything else to be worth the work. If your schedule isn’t quite good enough, people will not remember how good it all looked; rather, how disorganized it all was. Hiring a great corporate event planner and coordinator will help facilitate the evening’s planning and make your participants happier.

Prepare “fillers” (or at least, that’s what I call them).

I like to be ready for war! If something does not go as planned, i.e. food is delayed, you need to have a plan B to fill in that void. Could be a game (as easy as company trivia), or a more complex team-building exercise. A key to the success of this part of the evening is getting a skilled and interactive professional MC to guide the evening and integrate fun and captivating activities to have your participants maximize their networking or their relationship building.

Photo, video or any type of proof.

Whether we like it or not, in 2019 social media is king; pictures and videos are what people relate to and are accustomed to using to remember special moments. If you don’t want your event photos all over the net the next day, then be sure to hire a photographer or a videographer to capture the best moments of the evening. Nothing helps team building or sens of belonging when a staff member has access to a secure server and gets to remember the good times amongst his/her peers.

If you do not have the time to do all of this, perhaps a turn-key solution would be the answer for you. There are many companies (like ours), that can provide a professional look that matches your company’s image. Most of us work on budgets, that is, you set the budget and requirements, and we take care of the rest.

Keep working hard, and may the all-mighty be with you and all your eventful endeavours.