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Welcome to your favorite event and wedding vendor in Montreal!

Événement Baccino Event Montreal Corpo Mariage
Hello ladies and gents! It has been long overdue for us to have a little space to share our thoughts with all of you out there preparing for your event(s). So, let this be our “formal” invitation to participate in our blog: “YOU are cordially invited to chit-chat, about nic-nacs, themes, colors, trends, cool things and pretty things, serious stuff and relaxing casual affairs, what’s hot and what’s passé. We can also help with the stressing and enigmatic issues of your event, so tell us how we can help. It is an open invitation to all of you, whether you are the fashionable, chic, romantic, modern, naturist, bohemian, or purely sophisticated… all of you simple and complex individuals” Our philosophy stands for the character and individuality of each event we design, stemming from the personality of the people behind it. That is why we love getting to know each one of our clients; the more we know them, the more will the event reflect who they are. So, let’s get this started! My name is Chris. I am a proofessional event planner right here in Montreal. On behalf of the Baccino Events’ team, I welcome you to our site, our blog, and our family. To our Francophone friends, Je suis desolée, but mon Français est encore en mode d’apprentissage! Mais vous êtes toujours bienvenus à participer, et si vous avez des questions, je ferai tout mon possible pour vous répondre. Last but not least, in this first introductory post, if you like us, please show us the love by liking us on facebook, twitter, or simply by talking about us to your friends! Here the virtual journey begins, and may the all-mighty be with you and your eventful endeavors! Yours truly, Chris.