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Hidden gem in NDG

Baccino événement Montreal Corpo Mariage party
The last few weeks I have had the pleasure to work with Nick and his staff at the Crowley Arts Centre. It is the first time that we work at this magnificent venue and I am very glad we have discovered it. It is conveniently located steps away from the new McGill Superhospital and just minutes away from downtown Montreal. I know you are all thinking what a mess it must be with all that construction in the area but let’s not forget there is no work happening in the evening. That leaves lots of parking spaces available not only in the street but in their parking lot as well.

The Crowley Arts Centre is a great multipurpose venue that can hold up to 200 people in a banquet format, and up to 450 people in concert seating. The great aspect of this place is that the tables and chairs are included in the basic rental price, which makes a huge difference in terms of budget when a couple is looking for a party space. They have a full kitchen included in their basic pricing and have no restrictions in terms of caterers. This venue offers the feeling of a conventional reception hall with none of the restrictions. They even have a projector installed to the clients disposition with a huge screen if any special presentations are required during the evening.

The 25 foot ceilings allow the flexibility to add some dramatic draping effects as well as great lighting. As I walked in for the first time, ideas started flowing as to the potential of this venue. In addition to all this, Nick is very flexible and is great at accommodating all his clients’ requests and demands. Another unique aspect of the Clowley Arts Centre is that they have a lobby (again included in the basic rental fee) that is great for accommodating cocktails and midnight tables so the reception are can be fully used for partying. We sure enjoyed working with the Crowley Arts Centre and hope to return very shortly. Google+