The perfect party for dad

May 30, 2016

Father’s day Special

How to celebrate our dads!

Thinking of my dearly beloved father, who recently passed away, all I can say is, celebrate your “daddy” with a bang!

Getting married during this festive day? Why not dedicate a special song to him, or simply give him a little something that reaches his heart?

Brides and grooms listen up! A nice customized embroidered handkerchief, or a special tie YOU help to put on, will give you the opportunity to create a special moment just for the two of you, not to mention the great pictures. Savor that moment!

Not getting married? Not a problem.
You can still celebrate your father by treating him to a nice and relaxed day.

Which dad doesn’t like a good old fashion BBQ?! Well, get on it! Make it special with a theme in mind, one of his favorite things, perhaps.

Can be as simple as ribs, burgers, or beer theme; or you can even center it around his favorite sports team. In my case, I would have done a karaoke night… Yes, I’m Asian, and yes, my father LOVED karaoke!! Remember, it’s all about him!

Here are some DIY father’s day party theme ideas:

Food/beverage theme

ribs, burgers, tacos, sandwiches (the awesome sauce-dripping, mouth-watering kind), pasta night, cheese lovers, wine and cheese… Think tastings, think variety, think yummy.

Sports team theme

easy peasy. Take his favorite sport team, and basically use the team’s trivia to entertain and decorate. For example, instead of table numbers, use players names; serve food that is inspired by the country of origin of the team. Brazilian team=Brazilian food!

Other Sporty themes: bowling night, pool party, golf day, etc.

Various themes

arts day (think galleries or museums tours; or theater shows), karaoke night (self explanatory), board-games party, or even try a cigar-lounge party.

Other over-the-top themes

Cars fan, take him to a race track experience; animal lover? Safari experience perhaps? If he loves the sea, maybe a yatch rental.

Go wild! Options are truly endless. Just PICK one, DO it, and CELEBRATE.

My love to all daddies out there, and may the all-mighty be with you and your eventful endeavors!

Yours truly,

Chris and Dad