The big day has arrived! Wedding day checklist for the modern bride.

August 12, 2013

Hello ladies and gents!

We are all warmed up in the wedding season, and it is execution mode all the way.

Many of you have been in the planning process, and the day is soon coming up. So, let’s talk a little about the day of the wedding.

Hire a Wedding Day-of Coordinator

For all you DIY be-you-tiful brides, please remember at all times, that you will be insanely busy! You, and of course your hubby to be, will be the stars of the day; and there is very little time for you to do work.

Always have a designated person (perhaps a really good cousin) that will be willing to help you that day. Let me call it your “designated deputy”.

I would usually recommend having an Event Coordinator, not because is part of my job, but truly because there are so many little details to be taken care of, that it could take up all your (and your helper’s) fun time.

That being said, I absolutely understand that it is not in everyone’s budget. So, let’s get back to the subject.

Notice that I did not suggested your Maid of Honour as a first option to be your designated deputy. That is because your MoH and your bridesmaids will all be busy getting ready and helping you getting ready. They’ll be almost as busy as you will.

Make a Wedding Day Checklist

I am incredibly obssessed with them. It gets so overwhelming, that lists will just keep you on track of things.

The main lists I would have are:

  • Things to be brought to the ceremony and reception, with the names of those who are responsible for bringing it to the corresponding place.
  • List of emergency contact numbers. The last thing you want is to be searching through your emails and contracts.
  • Special rituals and/or things that have to be done during the day and/or night (speeches, toasts, special presentations, etc…)

Double Check your Vendor Contracts

Make sure that you have enough of everything for all your guests, and confirm with all your vendors the time and place they have to be at.

Remember, it is wedding season, and most companies are running around to supply yours and many other events. So, re-scheduling can be hectic (if not impossible), and if you wait until the last minute to do things, it might just cost you a lot more than what you think.

Please allow me to be blunt. All the vendors out there are in the business of ‘making money’; and time, is money. We all value our time as much as you value yours.

The Essentials for the Big Wedding Day

Now that that’s out of the way, I have just a few more little tips for you:

Pretty, cute, comfy Flats

Believe me, it will save your night. After a whole day of smiling on those gorgeous heels you chose, the pain on your feet will be turning your mile intoa weird grin. I wouldn’t really go too crazy on the flats (you barely see them), unless shoes is your thing, and you plan to use them again! I like TOMS (no, I get no commissions at all), they are very comfortable, simple but cute, and they come in a wide range of colours and styles (there’s even a vintage line!). On top of that, for every TOMS you buy, they help a person in need. And, as if that was not enough, my dear canadian lady friends, It is in BC! You don’t have to go crazy trying to find a friend who’s going to get it for you in the States!

A spare shirt for your future hubby

Spills, or just a lot of sweat may overwhelm the first one (yes, yuk!). He’ll probably be drinking, and dancing a lot; and most importantly he’ll be around people that will be drinkingand dancing a lot!

Have a small touch-up kit

Your lipstick, powder, and even glue (in case one of your lashes decides to rebel). Although I do suggest my brides to have a touch-up session with a professional make-up artist, I know it can be pricey. So, if you have a talented friend that can give you a hand, a small little kit can make those pictures even better! Remember, especially if you are a party girl, you will be dancing, jumping, and doing a lot of hugging and kissing. You will definitely need a little freshen-up halfway your reception. The set on the picture (on the right), is quite simple; yet sufficient. If you’d like to be extra sure, I would add glue (if you are wearing faux lashes), eyeliner, and your regular pressed powder.

Pain killers!

YES! Advil, tylenol, or whatever calms your pains. Whether you have a cramp or a headache, you do not want this to spoil your day.

Now, just relax, and get ready to have one of the best days of your life!
Oh yes, and please be safe! Have one or two taxi companies’ numbers ready for your guests, in case they need it.

Cheers to all the future newlyweds, and may the all-mighty be with you and your eventful endeavors!

Yours truly,