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DJ, music and entertainment for your wedding and event

Our Deejays are professional, experienced and ... trendy

Our staff is experienced, reliable, and will help make your event unforgettable. Baccino’s DJs will meet with you to discuss your likes and dislikes, and will make sure to meet all your requirements to the best of their abilities. If we don’t have your music, we will find it.

Our DJs’ repertoires include exclusively legally-obtained music and are updated weekly. Only the best for our clients! Whether it is a freshly-released hit or an old time classic song, we have the resources to source it legally (to avoid any surprises!) and play it for you and your guests until the sun comes up! At events with Baccino, all you need to worry about is how comfortable your dancing shoes are.


Our trained Masters of Ceremony or MCs will bring together your ambience, your music, your style, and your message. Their goal during each event is to keep the good vibes going, and help make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. Our MCs are teamed-up with one of our DJs, and together this dynamic duo will make sure that there is never a dull moment at your event.

Whether you are hosting a corporate event, wedding, or birthday party, our Masters of Ceremony will adapt to the crowd and make sure that all your guests are having a great time. Our MCs are well-spoken, professional, culturally sensitive, and can animate your event in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Real entertainment and live shows for your enjoyment

Dancing too much can tire your guests out! You wouldn't want them checking out while the night is still young. Baccino can provide you a variety of live entertainment: Tam tams, Chinese lions’ dance, samba dancers, Afro-Brazilian drums, professional ballroom dancers, live bands and singers, and more! Our performers are professional, unique, and exciting. They will bring that WOW factor to your event and will give your guests some time to sit back and enjoy the show before they continue partying. We can assist in finding the perfect show to complement your event, and will make sure to seamlessly integrate it into your timeline.


Baccino now offers an in-house 3-piece Jazz band. Our guitar duo and female vocalist will move you and your guests and will bring a sense of sophistication to your event. Our trio can give a beautiful jazzy twist to top 40 songs or stick to a more traditional 1920s-style set. Suggested for cocktail hours, wedding ceremonies, dinner time ambient music or, for the right event, all-night-long musical entertainment.


A successful and unforgettable event…

No matter the type of event, corporate or private, Baccino always exceeds expectations!