Virtual Corporate
Holiday Celebration

A unique out of the box experience

The Experience

we deliver

a box with all the necessary ingredients for one meal to each one of your guests; or to your preferred pick-up location.​

we entertain

you throughout your customized event, and play an interactive trivia game with your guests; all animated by Baccino Event’s professional emcee. ​​

you prepare

your meal with MobiloChef’s remarkable Chef, who will do a demonstration or guide you through the preparation of the entire meal.​

you enjoy

your wonderful meal with your guests. Stay all connected, or not, your choice. ​

The Entertainment

Led by baccino Events

One of our professional emcees will guide you and your guests throughout the entire event.

We will play an interactive trivia game with your guests, which is available in English or French. You can choose to play the game individually; or, in teams to encourage team spirit!

And, lastly, brand your event with your logo or message on all screens; and, customize the event to suit your needs. From speeches to awards; it can all be planned and scheduled in. We’ll work with you to incorporate it seamlessly.

The cooking workshop

Led by MobiloChef

Montreal virtual cooking class chef clement rodarie

Guided by a professional chef, your guests will follow the whole preparation of the meal; and enjoy it at the end of the workshop.

As a host, you can choose to [1] have the chef do a demonstration of how to cook the entire meal, and your guests will receive a ready-meal to be warmed-up and enjoyed; or [2] have all guests cook virtually “along-side” with the chef, then enjoy their own creation.

The menu

3 Course Meal

The Apetizer

Chef's choice of Apéro, and Quebec's cider House charcuterie, marinated olives and pissaladière.

The Main Dish

Quebec's duck confit served with molten cheese from the province, roasted fingerling potatoes, asparagus, and its juices with roasted spices.


Filet of Nagano pork crusted with gingerbread served in its juices with porto and cranberries, fingerling potatoes and multicoloured carrots.


Beef flank steak, cooked stroganoff style, served on a bed of fine herbs tagliatelle.


Pan fried scallops in limoncello, served with a creamy grana padano risotto.


Miso and maple lacquered fresh salmon, served with rice vermicelli with shïtake mushrooms and coriander.

The Dessert

Christmas log

Immersive experience

In a creative approach, Baccino Events and MobiloChef have united forces, and their expertise, to bring you a one of a kind holiday celebration.